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Anyone up for rewarding staff without giving them a pay rise?

Times are tough and everyone is feeling the pinch as well as being concerned about the future.

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Are diesel cars really that bad?

Back in the year 2000 when we were all told planes would fall out of the skies and our PC’s would pack up and never work again, diesel-engined cars accounted for just 14.1% of the new car market. By 2011, this figure had increased to 50.6%.

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Climate Change Committee recommend 2032 end date for diesel and petrol vehicles

The Committee on Climate Change’s annual report to HM Government provides advice and direction to Parliament on delivering an economic recovery that accelerates the transition to a cleaner, net-zero emissions future.

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Electric Cars – What are they all about then?

It dawned on us a week or so ago after attending an online training session that there is still a great deal of confusion out there about electric cars, so here is a blog which you may find interesting.

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Should your company consider a pool car?

Do your employees drive their privately-owned vehicles during the working day as part of their job role?

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Why you should consider using a leasing broker for your car or van procurement requirements

One of the main benefits of using us (Dorset Car/Van Leasing) is that unlike dealerships we are fully independent which means we can supply and advise on any make and model of car or van.

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